Actions Speak Louder Than Like Buttons

It’s not so much a blog this week as a rant!

Like most people on Facebook I like people to ‘like’ my posts. It doesn’t destroy my life and equilibrium if I don’t get loads of ‘likes’, nor does it make my life better if I do but it is nice to see how many appreciate what I post.


(Did you see the big but there?) But, like the title says, actions speak louder than like buttons. We can press ‘like’ 1000 times on posts similar to the ones below but if we do nothing about it then we have wasted our time and energy.

As of 9am 6 people have liked this picture…


And that’s great. I know most of them and I also know they will try and live out what it says.

4 people have pressed on this one…


And I just posted this…


All I want to say is


Don’t just press it – live it!

Rant over.


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