Love thy neighbour

Love thy neighbour as thy iPhone


We’re going to write some new BeAPPtitudes. They are like the Beatitudes only moderner. Occasionally we’ll find one and put up a blog about it.

Feel free to send them in – @MelbWelshChurch and we’ll use them (if they are any good of course).

The first one, shamelessly stolen from the monks at @UnvirtuousAbbey, is “Love thy neighbour as thy iPhone.” Before any of you take the fun out of fundamentalist and tell me that “Love thy neighbour as thyself” is not a Beatitude – remember this – I know it isn’t – but we’re writing the BeAPPtitudes and we can take any piece of scripture we want and BeAPPify it!


Love thy neighbour as thy iPhone!

If Apple’s numbers are to be believed 402,000 iPhones are sold every day (figure from the first quarter of January 2012) and almost all of them are treasured by someone. I know I would be completely lost if I misplaced mine.

It goes almost everywhere with me. It knows everything I do each day, it gets me up (with the alarm app); it’s my address book; it guides me (with my TomTom App); it entertains me (with my music and audiobooks); it reminds me of what I should do (with my iCal and Reminders); it helps me to pass time (with Angry Birds); it keeps me in touch with people (with my Twitter and Facebook Apps); it helps me write my sermons (via the Internet and Dropbox); it expands my knowledge (with iBooks); it helps with my Bible reading (with my Glo Bible); I can take pictures and video with it (with the camera); I do my banking on it; it keeps my plane and cinema tickets (in passbook); I wrote this blog on it (via WordPress); I track my runs on it (with run keeper); it holds my emails; it tells me the weather (with the weather Oz app) and I can even use it as a phone – if I need to!

I love my iPhone, I would be lost without it. I look after it, I make sure nothing happens to it. In short I take very good care of it. I’m sure most people do the same. Most people would take care of their $500+ iPhone.

Imagine how much better the world would be if we took as much care of other people as we do of our technology. Imagine if other people meant as much to us as our iPhones (or Samsungs or whatever else you have), we would live in a very caring world where everyone saw everyone else as important and not someone to beat down and climb over on the way to the top.

So I say, in a clear and loud voice,

“Listen to a new BeAPPtitude – Love thy neighbour as thy iPhone!”



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