I want to be a clone – BANNERMAN

Deep in West Virginia


A cold night, illuminated by tall spotlights.


The crowds are hushed, all attention focused on one man.


The snap, the hold, the kick – a whole community holds it breath.


The ball travels end over end, it splits the uprights, the crowd erupts with cheers and from directly behind the goal, where everyone is looking, a small sign pops up….


“John 3:16”.


Bannerman has struck again!


Who is Bannerman?

No one knows. Like other superheroes, Batman, Spiderman and Superman for example, only his nearest and dearest know his name but his sign is as familiar as the Bat symbol, the Spider on Spidey’s chest and the famous ‘S’.


As do his caped and masked brethren, he roams likely areas, looking for people to save. His territory are sporting events and big gatherings and when he gets the chance he makes himself known to the helpless and needy. In front of a few hardy souls at a local game or before millions in a worldwide television audience he, bravely and without fear, displays his super sign.


And yet like his brothers and sisters in the hero fraternity he does not seek glory for himself. He seeks only the public good, wishing to remain quietly anonymous. Content to let the message speak for one who is greater than he.


Look out for him, he’s there and when you see him, say thank you – for many owe him their very souls.


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